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What's Good from Texas

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I've been lurking this entire development since the GR Yaris was released and I had an unhealthy amount of reading and deep dives into a car the US was never getting. It wasn't all a waste though, as we are now about to be blessed.
  • Where am I?: Currently living in Texas by way of Hawaii, New York, Mexico, and California (I know... it's nuts. and no I was in the military...)
  • Current Car: Nothing. Some more context, the last cars I owned were a 2014 Subaru STi, 2009 S2000, Silvia S13 and I then sold them all (not at the same time, through the years). The last car was the S2000, I sold and bought my wife a Jeep Cherokee (I wasn't driving it and someone gave me a number I couldn't refuse). Since that Cherokee, we are now a Toyota family with a 2022 Sienna XSE (Avatar pic). I have patiently been waiting on the sidelines for something to spark my interest and this Corolla GR might be the one.
  • Project cars? None... well, actually the Sienna van is a silent project because I have longed to create a JDM van project and I have a brand new platform for it... so maybe.
  • Hobbies: I have too many hobbies and not enough money.. but, the main ones: Cars (working on them, projects, talking about them, shooting videos about them), motorsports (Nascar, F1, drifting, etc.), Tech (I work in the tech industry, so any new tech-related items, gadgets, services, software, I read about and find ways to justify buying - I NEED the new Mac Studio), cooking ( I once though about going to be a chef, my cooking is a deep passion, and expensive... you ever seen how much some All-Clad pots cost or Japanese steel knives... smh, reckless) and music (I produce music and play piano, I've monetized it at times and have worked with artists, I don't try to speak too much about it, as I love the creation of music for my ownself, but I am good and proud of what I can create).

I had time clearly having typed all that out, but there you go... my introduction. Now, this could all be for nothing if the Corolla GR is somehow trash, and/or I have to do battle with the current car market and these insane dealers. However, I'm hoping my sales guy for the Sienna I JUST bought 4 months ago, understands what time it is and respects my hustle. Lol.
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Welcome from Fort Worth!
Your hobbies are a symbol of you being a live hearted person..God bless you
Thing clicked me was expensive cooking what's that dude? Don;t tell me you use some ancient expensive salts/spices.
Natural material Cuisine Dish Chemical compound Peach
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Thing clicked me was expensive cooking what's that dude? Don;t tell me you use some ancient expensive salts/spices.
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Hahaha… more so about appliances. Things like Japanese forged steel knives, salt boards, buying a whole grass fed cow (lol)… you start cooking ALOT and things can get crazy.
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