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Toyota Celica revival rendering

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If Toyota ever decides to bring back the Celica this would be one heck of a way for them to do it.

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Outside of the profile, it doesn't really feel like a Celica. The lines are very aggressive and sharp - I feel like the later generations of the Celicas had elegant and soft curves. Design-wise, it would probably be closer to the GR Supra.

I really love the Celica...and I would not want this, lol.
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Technically the Celica has very close DNA to the Supra (could even say the Supra was just a Celica with some 2000gt influence). As far as angles go, the last generation Celica was pretty aggressive.
For sure, I am aware of the history. I think I might have been a bit ambiguous in my previous comment. "Design-wise [of the hypothetical Celica, not any of the above], it would probably be closer to the GR Supra." I had meant that the current design of the GR Supra would be more closely related to a hypothetical modern Celica than the ones presented above. IMO, the design of the GR Supra is more Celica than historical Supra, lol.

Ironically, I think that the GRC-based hypothetical Celica from above would work well (if not better) as a Supra from a design standpoint.

On the note of the last gen - I would agree that Gen 7 was a pretty big departure from Gen 6, but I don't think it's aggressive. As the result of trying to attract a younger audience (Toyota's pre-Scion attempt...) it was modernized, but still retained a lot of the design influences of previous Celicas. Honestly, I think pre-facelift 2000-2002 Celicas was peak Celica design, lol. The 2003+ Tsunami editions were pretty good as well (which were unfortunately stigmatized by the 2004 Tsunami). The TRD Action packs were way too much and basically transformed it into...something else. Maybe you're envisioning a TRD Celica?

If Toyota built this, I'd buy it. I see a mixture of different Toyota exterior features and that's what Toyota usually does.

For those who say it's doesn't look like a Celica. What does a Celica supposed to look like as there so many different versions since it's inception.
IMO, each generation Celica was kind of a product of the times - with the Celica's flare. To spark nostalgia, today's interpretation would probably be most heavily influenced by Gen 7, maybe a bit of Gen 6. Honestly though, I do not have any acumen for design - I can just really appreciate the little things.

Unfortunately, while it's fun to speculate on a hypothetical Celica, the reality is that the Celica now lives in too many different products to revived as an independent car. The GR Supra is basically an exaggerated Celica. Before then, the FR-S / 86 took the general profile of the Celica. The GRY/GRC took the GT-Four.

The Celica can't exist in this space unless they're reserving it for another generation of technology. For example, to introduce a Hydrogen-based (which would make the most sense - the original Celica logo was a dragon BOAT!) or sporty EV platform.
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They should just rename the GR86 to the Celica, add AWD like HeavyD said. It kinda IS a Celica more so.
They're going to milk that 86 / Initial D hype till the end of time, lol.
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What is that Celica flare?
There are a few consistent elements across most models, but if I were to try and describe it, the flare is...futuristic. In the distinct past when humanity thought we'd have solar farms and flying cars, artists typically depicted these vehicles as very slick ; angled, curvy, and elegant. Celicas always had something unique about them compared to other cars in the lineup that made it feel more modern and 'futuristic'.

So for giggles, I browsed the EV lineup to see if there was a potential Celica replacement...

This one is the most Celica-eques to me:

The distinctly Celica elements can't be an accident.... (I'm mostly kidding and just having fun though, lol. Not being serious)
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