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Toyota Celica revival rendering

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Grille

If Toyota ever decides to bring back the Celica this would be one heck of a way for them to do it.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Grille Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Automotive design
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Grille
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
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Not the WRX hood scoop 😭
But I agree with luluna, doesn't really seem like a Celica. The design takes a lot of inspiration from other cars. LFA rear end with Supra heritage spoiler and GRC diffuser/exhaust, basically GRY front end but the rest just screams Supra. But I don't see any Celica influence besides the GT-Four styled hood
Technically the Celica has very close DNA to the Supra (could even say the Supra was just a Celica with some 2000gt influence). As far as angles go, the last generation Celica was pretty aggressive.
Well yeah, the Supra was a Celica Supra before it became the Supra afterall
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Spot on. If anything, I do think the Celica should be re-released and become that flagship again. It needs its shine
Do you think the MR2 or the Celica would be the flagship? I could see the MR2 for sure but there's a possibility with the Celica
It’s possible. But then again Akio’s and Koji Sato said they wanted to create GR cars similar to the Yaris, reverse engineering or whatever from the race cars. So far they only have that GR GT3 concept and that thing has been rumored to be a Toyota, new LFA, new RCF and so on.

I can kind of see the MR2 as a collab if Subaru wants to make some type of STI production car of that race concept.
But then again, we have heard of Toyota working with Lotus on a possible project as well
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1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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