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Tooooooo Thirsty

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Hey all, been a while since I've been on a car forum, the unrelenting thirst for more GRC info pulled me in.

My first car was a 95 Eagle Talon, around 350hp on paper. I miss that car with every fiber of my being. After that beautiful (unreliable) machine went out of my life (blew up again), I spent a good few years driving plain ol' sedans for the most part.

Last year I had the opportunity to trade in my Cruze for way more than it was worth to get a base 2020 WRX (no STis around). I did so. God did I love having a turbocharged 4 cylinder AWD again, but something was missing. The hatch. My thought at the time was that it'd been a good long while since there was a hatchback STi, and there was a good chance the 2022 STi would be a hatchback. Cue sad trombone.

Here we are now. I NEED IT.
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Welcome aboard! I was really looking forward to the competition the STi and the GRC would have so it was sad to see it get cancelled
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