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Tokyo's build thread...

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Figured it was time to start a build thread as I just took delivery of my Supersonic Red Circuit Edition this week. My plans for the car are to take it on some local twisty roads and the occasional track days. Won't be my DD.
With that being said, the ultimate goal is to push about 450hp or so, which should be easily attainable on the stock block following Motive Garage's recipe. For the time being, I'm just gonna throw some tasteful mods on it. Currently shopping around for some PPF and ceramic coating quotes, as the car won't be driven until I get those protections.
I have ordered the following few little tidbits to get the "build" started:

OEM Supersonic red side mirror caps (don't like the gloss black ones)
Magnetic oil and transmission drain plugs
Rear bumper LEDS to replace the rear bumper reflectors
LED license plate bulbs (because apparently those are the only lights that aren't LED)
2'x5' of forged carbon vinyl wrap (to wrap all the piano black interior parts)
Dark smoke overlays for the front amber reflectors and for the rear clear sections of the taillights
Valientes custom rear spoiler
Dark smoke sequential turn signals to replace the OEM clear non sequential turn signals

Still undecided on mud flaps, I prefer the more sleek megachips style vs the Rally armor ones. Also waiting on more aftermarket options for coilovers/lowering springs, intakes, exhausts, intercoolers, etc.

I did have some clear PPF car door bowl scratch protectors that I bought for my Lexus and never used, and they fit the GRC perfectly. Also gave her a good bath because it was delivered on a rainy day.

A few weeks back I also picked up the future new wheel setup (once I get some tires and coilovers/springs), 18x9.5 +22 Volk RE30's in pressed graphite. I believe when they were still available, they were the lightest wheel Ray's made, even lighter than the TE37 and the CE28N. Should shed around 20lbs or so of rotating mass when compared with the stock wheels.


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Glad you finally got it sir!
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Great find, I had RE30s for years on my project car and loved them. Can't wait to see them mounted! :love:
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Been waiting for this! The red looks great and RE30s are and awesome choice! I feel like that wheel was the last of their 90s/00s wheels and consolidation of the best characteristics of that era. IIRC lighter than ce28 and strong as or stronger than te37.
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