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Shelby-built Toyota 2000GT race car is up for auction!

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Gooding and Company is auctioning off a 1967 Toyota 2000GT race car that's 1 of 3 cars prepped by Shelby!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive design

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive design

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tail & brake light

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car
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That's going to go for crazy money I'm sure
Crazy money indeed! I wouldnt mind one of the reproductions with the 2jz engines. But being a japan thing wouldnt be able to import one.
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I'm sure there's a loop hole in there somewhere to import them but if I had the money, I'd just get the replicas and keep it in storage and occasionally go to Japan to drive it
Well the original i think would get in throught the 25+ year deal, like all the kei cars here.
The replicas would be highly restricted tho, brought in under show/competition car and basically cant be driven on streets. I dont think they qualify under kit cars either.
I mean with a car like that, you're probably only bringing it to shows anyway. I think they allow for 2.5k miles to be driven a year or something which would be enough to drive here and there. The only issue there is it will not apply for show and display since one requirement is to be out of production and another is that it can't be a kit or replica car. You should be able to under the "Substantially Similar" rule as it's a replica of a car that was sold here and has an engine that was sold here
The 2000 gt sold at Amelia Island for a whopping $2,535,000! It's the most expensive Japanese vehicle sold at a non-charity auction.

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If only I had that kind of money 😢. Maybe I'll hit the lucky numbers one day!
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