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Grrrrrr this burns me up!!!! WE (as in Team EVSR) have built 5 of our fully EV sports racing cars (first one was built in 2014 and we have been racing them continually since then. We sprint race them with SCCA and NASA. we did the Thunderhill 25 hr endurance race with them last year (hosted by NASA). We will in fact be doing the 25 hrs race again this year too. We have Hill climbed our car numerous times. We’ve time attacked it (at the VIR NASA Ultimate Track Car Challenge). We’ve raced at so many tracks I’ve lost count (Watkins Glen, Summit Point, VIR, Limerock, NJMP just to name a few). We wrote the damn SCCA and NASA safety rules with respect to EV racing door to door with other ICE cars (I’m being literal here — our principle, Charles Greenhaus of Entropy Racing, who engineered and designed and built these cars, was asked to write the regulations and present them!!!). We’ve got the ONLY endurance EV racecar out there (we can do a complete battery swap pit stop in under 1 min 30 secs during competition).

so, these guys saying ‘oh hey, we are the first club racing EVs out there’ kinda pisses me off a tad or two….

Todd Reid
lead race driver, EVSR

PS this is what our cars look like:
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

PS we will rent to licensed qualified drivers. (SCCA or NASA events). You care to purchase a car? We will build one to suit you. to see more go to
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