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No PM or "Personal Message" on this forum ?

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Is there no PM or "Private Message" facility on this forum ?

I belong to a few others and its useful to be able to contact others via the site and provide them with your e-mail address for direct contact if you want.

Ultimately if we get a few of these GRC on the roads in New Zealand it would be great to form an unofficial club for the odd weekend drives. I say unofficial club because I have found "Official Clubs" like the MR2 Club here ended up with dick heads running it so I quit it like a decade ago. Not really interested in Facebook either but I have found a WhatsApp chat group very easy to setup and runs very well for coordinating a sporting activity I do with other like minded individuals.

Also the user profile is left a bit wanting compared to others that have enabled you to enter your first name, what car you actually own, colour spec and how long you have owned it etc.

<<<<< Usually you have a a bit more info and options coming up besides your user name and an avatar with a flag you still have to work out the country from.

Maybe I'm missing it but cannot find those options.

Just a suggestion for the forum moderators. Probably not included in this platform it looks quite different from others I use.
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There is a 'Start a Conversation' link when clicking on someone's profile. Never used it, but that might work?
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The info that comes up is set by the user, I'm fairly sure. And you can DM someone by using the start a conversation button.

As far as us enabling any features. Us lowly mods don't have any ability to modify the site, only users. We can talk to the admins though.
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I used the “start a conversation” from inside their profile to write a pm to somebody.
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Cheers, found it. I'm clearly a bit old school and not looking for that.
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