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NASA Socal willow springs!

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I ended up going solo so I apologize for the lack of pictures. I did my NASA track day today at willow springs, I spent a lot of time doing endurance races in an 03 mustang with a bunch of buddies; first time back on the track in almost 7 years!

The organization is great! I will definitely do another event with them; it’s just simple fun learning the car and really seeing what this car was built for!

it was a high 90’s day at Willow Springs! I changed the oil in the car after break in, but otherwise did nothing to prep.
Factory pads did great at high speed 100mph braking no fading to report but I plan on changing them.
car ran excellent in sport mode with all assists off in expert mode
Tires were very sticky and aside from rough patches were exceptional on the hot tarmac.
I did get the AWD diff overheat error on my second lap in the morning; but it stayed off the rest of the day.
Overall I can’t wait to get the car out there again!!! Lotta good people and fun cars to drive against; everything from supras to an x5 M competition.


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I was there Sunday. I sucked, but the car was great. The downshift on turn 3 was killing me. I have to go back to redeem myself. I actually didn't overheat during my sessions as they were spaced an hour apart. After the third session, the instructor offered to show me where I could make better times with the lines I was taking so we swapped seats and that's when it overheated. ~20min sessions weren't too bad but 20+ was too much apparently.
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oh no! I was supposed to go Sunday but the wife got sick! I'll PM you for the next event, it would be great to be out there with someone from the forums!
These things RIPPPP any Gr86's or Supra's out with you? It was really fun watching the RWD car struggle in Turn 3 and 6, while I was to the floor.
There were, I was just a little preoccupied as it was my first time on a track. I didn't really pay too much attention to any of the other cars, but I was out there with at least 2 GRCs.
I was so lost out there, haha. NP. I'm telling you, turn 3 killed me every time. I would have pointed the pass sooner but every time I looked in the mirror my instructor chirped at me so I didn't notice you until I cheated a look.
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