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NARF's Builds - 1JZ MK3 Supra, Lightweight 2016 FR-S, 23 GR86

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Might as well post my builds here.
Quick Summary:

1988 Toyota Supra - 7M-GE/W58 to 1JZ-GTE VVTi / R154 swap
Owned for 8 years, started this swap project in 2020. Plan to semi-daily this car plus road trips, weekend racing like drag racing or whatever.
Engine: Stock 1JZ-GTE VVTi from a JZX100 (Chaser)
Exhaust: Future Fab Downpipe, Rest of the exhaust is unfinished/unconnected still.
Trans: R154 from a MK3
Suspension: Stock TEMS for now
Wheels/Tires: Stock for now
Plans: 2022: Currently working on finishing wiring/exhaust and a few other things need to be buttoned up. new wheels/tires, suspension. 2023: Cams, ECU, new turbo/manifold setup possibly, yaris coils, injectors

2016 Scion FR-S
Have used this car as a daily since new and it's my main road trip car. Also have taken to a handful of autocross events.
Engine: Stock FA20
Intake: Grimmspeed Cold Air Intake
Exhaust: JDL UEL Catless header, PLM Over Pipe, HKS R-Spec Catted/Muffled Front Pipe, Buddy Club Racing Spec Titanium Exhaust (11lb, one of the lightest)
Tune: OFT Stage 2 v4.03 (93 or E85)
Trans: Stock AZ6 Trans, Exedy Stage 1 Clutch, Lightweight Flywheel (forgot brand, i think Exedy)
Suspension: TRD Springs
Wheels/Tires: Wedssport TC105N 17x9, 245/40R17 Continental ExtremeContact Sport
Plans: 2022: Lightweight driveshaft, lightweight battery, turbo kit, carbon hood/trunk 2023: ??

Won't post ALL the pics I have for these builds, but both of these are on Supraforums and FT86Club in case you guys want to see the full progress. I have the same username everywhere.

MK3 Build:
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Updated look on 2016 FR-S.- Installed 2017+ Tail Lights + Pass side Fujitsubo Exhaust Hole Cover.
Owned it for 6 years, since picking it up with 6 miles on 12/31/2015. Had tons of plans but those manifested into mainly I/H/E/E85. Haven't done as much as I wanted.
Time for that to change. Currently deciding between turbo build or K24 swap, not sure which, leaning towards K24, but either way it is a go.

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Also, the 1JZ swap on MK3 supra is done. WIth stock ECU plus intercooler & downpipe, running about 9 PSI.
Got RSR springs which aren't low enough for me, plus got WedsSport TC105X 17x9+25 all around with 255/40/17.
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Lastly.........This one was tough....
I was on the fence between GRC, GR86, or GR Supra... Which is why I'm on this forum. .But 2 things, 1) I couldn't wait as the GRC wasn't available yet for me to order. 2) wouldn't come in the color I want this year.

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So I placed an order for a '23 GR86 Trueno Blue Base model, added the gold 17" wheels, GR Exhaust, GR Shift Knob, Black lugs and wheel locks, PPF, and all weather mats.
I still plan to get a GRC at some point, but it will probably be '24 or '25. I'll still be on here as I'd love to stay on top of the car, the ins/outs, plus I plan to visit GRC/E210 meets here in DFW.
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