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MF Ghost

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Anyone reading through the manga? I've been reading it on and off since it got the unofficial translations. I haven't checked out the official translations yet. Just wondering what other people's thoughts on it were. Feels a lot slower paced than Initial D did, but I don't know if that's because I have to wait for translations to come out. Curious to see how they're going to adapt it to anime.
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I’ve been on and off with it, some details are annoying and off without motorsport input. I’m sure the anime will be better but who knows.
Maybe it's just a less interesting story or the story hasn't really started that much? The Initial D anime and manga stayed with mostly the same story parts, and it seemed to be a lot quicker paced.
Its pretty much the concept almost copy and pasted from Initial D. Kanata is like Takumi 2.0 but they're trying to have a GT86 go up against Ferraris and GTRs. lol. The hierarchy of cars is off overall.

Some parts are interesting though. Takumi hasn't shown up at all yet and you get some backstory after initial D like him being a pro rally driver but retires due to a freak accident.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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