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Hello everyone,

Long time lurker. Not on any waitlist but hoping to luck out since my nearest dealership wont have any until allocation is known.

I'm in a weird predicament where I don't have a car at the moment but finally have the money to buy what I want, just having a hard time finding any of the cars I want in manual tran in my area. Trying to refuse the urge of using carvana. Figured instead of spending $30K+ on a used car with 50,000+ miles I might as well buy my first new car. Trying to refuse the urge of using carvana. If I had garage or more then 1 parking spot i'd definitely go daily & track dedicated car. It may get difficult going the whole summer without wheels so I might need something temporary but its hard knowing once I trade it in I'll definitely lose money.

Anyone on waitlist, when did you join it? I just found out about the GR corolla in April when it was revealed.

Happy to join the hunt with you all :)

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Welcome aboard! I joined the waitlist back in October for my dealer since that's around when a few of us here when the forum was in its infancy decided to contact our dealers. Don't think getting on early really helped yet since several dealers won't make an acutal numbered list until pricing comes and they get deposits
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