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Hey folks, haven’t updated it in a while (still need to add / update a few). Let me know if any further changes need to be made.
Not sure if it should go here to get added to the spreadsheet or in the dealers to avoid thread, but Perry Motors in Bishop CA wants $10k over MSRP and is only selling to CA residents. Toyota of Selma in Selma CA wants $20k over MSRP.
Please do add it to this thread. That thread doesn’t have any distinct list AFAIK. Just a bunch of comments to sift through making finding info much more difficult than ctrl + F.
Not sure how to update but the Texas dealers - Family Toyota in Arlington and Burleson are not msrp. They require $12-1300 in a protection package. $500 deposit.

Also Street Toyota in Amarillo are not taking deposits and price will tbd.

All of this information is accurate as of today 1/5/2023. Looks like things are changing as these are hitting the ground.
Should be updated now.
This thread is supposed to be a list of MSRP only dealers. There's a separate thread for stealerships. It's right there in the thread title.
This thread has had ADM dealers as well right from the get go. The spreadsheet linked shows both in an easy to read manner.
It's good to know which dealers need removed from the spreadsheet. It does also need posted in the stealership thread though.
I don’t bother removing the ADM ones. People may think some haven’t been checked already and try those. Not sure why there’s no distinct “list” that’s similar on the stealership thread or why they’re not consolidated. Never made sense to me.

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I can confirm that Findlay Toyota Spokane Washington delivered to me a car at MSRP, without adding anything to the total beyond taxes and fees. Of course this only happened with a generous deposit 9 months ago, but Dmitry and the rest of the staff resisted multiple offers of above MSRP for the allocation and honored my deposit.
Of course this means little if Toyota build too few cars, but kudos to Findlay Spokane for excellent service!

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Thanks Pester and Devarenacn. I'm in Greenville and shopping for a 2023 Prius, don't hate. The Greenville NC Toyota Stealership wants 2500 over msrp and the usual bs add ons are non negotiable. I'll give Fred Anderson a call when I get back home from skiing.

Thanks again.
So, they have 2 separate lists from what I could gather, me along with few that's not paying outrageous mark ups are on one, and the others who are paying full 5000 adms are on the other, and guess which one got the first dibs?

I found mine at the different dealership already, and I'm gonna think thrice giving Fred Anderson any of my future businesses (this is the SECOND time they pull this crap on me, first time was the Supra)

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Here's all the info after a long ass day of talking to dealers:

Ourisman Chantily virginia- not taking deposits
Leith Toyota nc - Waitlist full
Toyota south kentucky - not selling out of state
Metro Toyota ohio - not selling out of state
heritage toyota maryland - $5k markup on Core, $10k on Circuit
Voss toyota - not taking deposits and no out of state
toyota holman - not taking deposits
brewer airport toyota - not taking deposits
south hills toyota - not taking deposits
rohrich full - waitlist full, no out of state
performance toyota - not taking deposts
faulkner - not taking deposits
balise - not taking deposits
schaumburg - no out of state
hoover toyota - not taking deposits

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I called a handful of dealers just for shits and grins. I already have a black loaded core secured at MSRP, but man, I wish it wasn't a black one. I found two dealers in West Virginia who both said their cars were already spoken for and they had a waiting list but both said that they were MSRP only. Good on them! Those were Thornhill Toyota and Ball Toyota. Ironically the dealer here in the Dayton Ohio area where I started my career as a Toyota technician, Joseph Airport Toyota, has theirs listed for 10K over MSRP.
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