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Heyo 馃憢

I guess if you're here you're really obsessed with this car.

Anyhow, I currently have a 86' MR2 which I love to death. Before that I briefly had a 2004 4runner, so I guess I'm stuck being a toyota loyalist.

I was originally looking at EVs but then reconsidered when Toyota dropped this out of the blue (for me). Why buy an EV that will continue to innovate hard over the next few years when you can get the best of that last fun petrol cars?

This would be my first new car if I can snag one. We'll see how it goes, but good luck to everyone on your hunt. We're all gonna need it.

Some hobbies:
Analog photography (Develop/Scan my own medium format film馃帪 )
Rock climbing/bouldering
Tamiya mini 4wd (great vegas community, roll up)
Gaming/VR/race sims

Cheers ~

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Welcome aboard!

rock climbing and gaming. Two great hobbies. I was rock climbing for a while, but all my friends that were going stopped, so I haven't gone back to the rock climbing gym in over a year.

You played Elden Ring yet?
Haha I have played it, it's a great game. I admittedly haven't beaten it yet. I got to the land of the giants or whatever and haven't gotten back to that frozen tundra.

Yeah, friends do make the climbing life much better. I work pretty close to a gym so I just take lunch there which is the main reason I go so frequently. That and whenever I can convince my buds to join up.
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