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As the title says, “Hi.”

I was Kavanagh on ft86club, until the Gross Clean banning of 2015. Now I’m Campo but pretty much inactive since we sold the FRS a couple years ago.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

I’m KevinK on pretty much all the Tundra and Toyota truck forums. I started an event called Tundras to Sedona, which is pretty fun if you’re into that kinda thing.

Car Land vehicle Cloud Vehicle Tire

Thinking of a GR, but also thinking of a new Sequoia. I know they’re utterly opposite things to choose between and I’ll probably end up with both eventually, but gotta pick one or the other first.

Here’s our Tundra which is my wife’s daily driver and our part time high speed overlander.

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle
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