Toyota just unveiled this gasoline-electric Yaris that will compete in the 2022 season of WRC!
"The new regulations coming into effect for the 2022 season of the World Rally Championship (WRC) bring together two of Toyota's areas of expertise: hybrid technology and racing. The Japanese firm unveiled the gasoline-electric Yaris it designed to compete on dirt, snow and ice.

Loosely shaped like the Yaris hatchback sold in global markets, the Rally1-spec car is built on a dedicated spaceframe chassis. It's a two-door model, like the street-legal GR Yaris, and it features a full body kit that includes a front splitter, flared wheel arches, plus a gigantic rear wing. The last-generation Yaris rally car wore a similar body kit, but the Rally1 gains a pair of pod-like vents mounted on the quarter panels."