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Currently drive an 07' is350, wife drives a 19' rav4.

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Family has owned many Toyotas. First being a very old Corolla hatchback, 90's Camry, Tacoma truck and my first new car after highschool an 08 Corolla sedan.

The hatchback stuck with me mentally since as I was a kid and been wanting it

Current project car is my is350. Have been updating it here and there with fsport intake, fsport sway bars, fsport seats, and android radio.

Hoping to get more info on GRC, and hopefully some confirmation on 8 speed auto recently rumored and possibly a standard LSD. Looking to getting it in silver/gray.

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Welcome! I've got a coworker (older guy) with an is350 that he loves to death. Says it's the best thing ever.
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