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Hey I figured I'd finally make an account after lurking since Toyota started teasing the GR Corolla. I have always owned 90's JDM cars as a second car ( NA Miata, S13 240sx, FD RX7, S14 240sx R33 GTS25T, and finally my dream car R32 GTR). I have had only 1 daily since high school which is my 1997 4DR Civic EX 5SPD. I am in my 10th year of ownership and decided I should probably upgrade to a nicer daily. I started looking in 2020 for a used 2009-2011 Civic SI or Canadian exclusive CSX Type S but after finding nothing with decent mileage under 15K I figured maybe I'll just buy a new Civic and use the cash as a down payment. Eventually as I'm saving more and more rumors of the new GRC and FL5 Civic Type R started surfacing so I decided I would save for another year or two and buy my first ever new car that I could potentially keep forever along with my R32 GTR. I dropped a deposit in February for the GRC at my local dealer and after seeing the FL5 debut I dropped another deposit for the Type R. I am leaning heavily towards the GR Corolla since I live in Canada and would love the AWD, heated seats, and steering wheel for winter. Although I love the massive boxy wide body on the Type R. Anyways I'm ranting now look forward to seeing everyone enjoying their GR Corolla's. I'll attach some pics of my previous vehicles.
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