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  • Where are you from?
I currently live in Canada Ottawa Valley in close proximity to Calabogie Motorsports Park.
  • What's your current car?
Currently I am changing up the fleet of vehicles, the wife an I went down to one car during covid since we are both retired and had no need for 5 vehicles while being locked up. We are down to 2019 Mazda 3 AWD with the wine color interior and metallic grey paint, this has been a very excellent DD for the last several years but as the ability to move around unrestricted we are needing to restock the fleet. I have got 1st pick for a GR corolla Circuit if the High volume dealer gets an allotment. I haven't fully decided if I will be taking it, I'm not sure if I want it as another DD, so I am also looking at a 2022 M3 Comp as a DD/ track backup.
Also have a 2020 Jayco Greyhawk Prestige 32' Class C, great for race weekends.

  • Project cars? You may want to share with us :cool:

I have an ongoing 335i E90 racecar being built for local GT 2/1 and PT sprint racing. I am planning on Time Attack Ontario as soon as I can afford the much needed AP racing brake upgrade. The car is fully caged race care being completely built by myself, on the second motor. #N54

  • What's your hobbies?
Being retired military, I enjoy shooting a collection of firearms, Racing on local tracks and recently took up gardening in my spare time considering the economic times. I also enjoy a good adrenaline rush when my busted up body allows. LOL

Enjoy the pics!

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