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Hi all, BrianC from the Baltimore area. Finally got a local dealer to add me to their allocation list - not taking deposits yet, but they did take down my model and color preferences (Core, White, PP + Cold Weather).

About me - mid 50's, current daily is a 2013 BMW 328i (a RWD 6-speed man unicorn) that I stumbled upon last July. Car is in perfect condition and is great as a daily, but my plan was for it to be a stop gap until I ordered a GR86 or BRZ. Then one of my sons, who is also a car nut, suggested I wait until the GR Corolla is that's what I did! And man am I excited for this car. Like many of you I am concerned about the inevitable ADM - one dealer already told me it will be a minimum of $5k.

Other car-related background - I had an MKVI GTI from 2012-2016, which I loved but had to replace with something with a lot more space, so got a 2008 V8 4Runner that I kept for four years. Great truck - full time 4WD and that V8 was a gem of an engine. Going way (way) back, I also owned a 1989 Mustang LX 5.0 5-speed - I actually bought that car brand new (yes, I'm old) and I still miss it.

I passed the car enthusiast gene onto my younger son (who is 20) - he bought himself a sweet, well cared for 1999 Miata a little over a year ago. Right now it's on jack stands in the garage with the engine in state of disassembly - hoping to get that back on the road in the next month.

I'm also active over on forums (The Car Lounge mostly) where there is a good thread about the GR.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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