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1995 Lexus SC300 1jz. 2011 Lexus LS460 sport
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Hi everyone, ive been looking around on this forum for a little while now and finally decided to join. Its been a while since ive been on a forum!! I currently have the #3 spot at the dealer i work at for a circuit, the 2 people ahead of me also want a circuit so im not sure if ill get one, if not ill be happy with a loaded core. I currently daily a 2011 LS460 and i also have a 1995 SC300 that ive had since 2009. Thanks for having me! Here's some pics of my current cars.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

Wheel Sky Cloud Tire Automotive side marker light

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Sky Automotive tail & brake light Cloud
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