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Hello from CO

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  • Where are you from? Northern Colorado
  • What's your current car? 2005 Mitsubishi Evo 8 RS, Isuzu Pickup
  • Project cars? 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS
  • What's your hobbies? Mountain biking, dirt biking, outdoors-y stuff, rallycross and autocross
Hello, new member from Northern Colorado here. Been lurking for a while but decided to finally make an account and get ahead of the onslaught that will come after tonight. I currently have a built Evo 8 RS but the GR Corolla may tempt me into selling it. Also have a couple rare Isuzus but they aren't going anywhere :p No stranger to the oddball low production number AWD Japanese car game. Owned a couple subarus but never again.

My Evo has by far and away been the best handling car I've owned, steering feel is imo the best you can get this side of a Lotus Elise and with a proper AWD system with front and rear limited slip diffs it hooks like crazy. Mine is the RS which means; no sound deadning, no radio, stripped trunk, roll down windows, manual door locks, no map lights, no rear wiper, unpainted door handles and mirrors, aluminum roof, front torsen lsd, and a couple other differences from the standard GSR. I sought it out specifically for those reasons and while some may think it a bit masochistic I love the rawness of it. It feels light on its feet and telepathic in every input. It's got a Cosworth forged bottom end, fp green turbo, gsc 274 cams, supporting mods, and it's on Ohlins r/t suspension for summer and track days/Tein Group N in winter or for rallycross, full poly bushes, and a stiffer rear sway bar. I switch between an 18 265/35 and a 15 205/65 between summer and winter, swapping the brakes to JDM RS gravel calipers to fit the 15s. It puts down 430/400 on pump 91 and around 480/450 on e85, speed density on the stock ECU. I track it, I rallycross it, and I ice race it among also pulling some daily duties and hauling around mountain bikes with it. The thing has treated me well and taken everything I have thrown at it in stride.

But enough gushing, I'm not expecting the same kind of raw speed/brutalness at all but if it can capture at least some of the essence I may be tempted. I also feel like it's Toyota's swan song to ICE sports cars in America and feel some sort of almost obligation as an enthusiast to support that. If it were the full bore GR Yaris it would've probably been a day one purchase but I'm holding out for official announcements that it has some sort of front and rear LSDs and eagerly awaiting the weight figure. Also seen rumors of a 'rally' spec one with a rear seat delete/weight reduction which greatly interests me if true. It will not remain stock and I would do handling mods first. If it isn't what I'm looking for then I'll keep the 8 until I can import an Evo 6 RS which had been my plan originally.


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