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I've been lurking here for a while, and have had a refundable deposit since early March. Deal will be MSRP, and I talked them down from a $1k deposit to $500 (I'm a local and VT is generally pretty chill with this stuff).

Like a lot here, I have a history with VW R32s/Golf Rs. I still miss my MKIV R32. It was a deeply flawed car...but it had a lot of personality, especially after fixing a few of the glaring omissions from VW (OEM HIDs, Koni Yellow, light 17in wheels and flapper mod). I never connected with my MKVI Golf R. I hated the shifter. I just can't do a MKVIII...the infotainment ruins the experience. I thought VW was bad...Toyota with the GRC is right up there.

Coming out of a 2019 BMW X3 M40i. Very, very good car. Custom ordered with all the good options including MDiff, which you could really feel. Had a very positive ownership experience, but not in love with how heavy and complicated BMWs are.

Current cars are a 22 Rav4 Prime SE (love it, it's a perfect daily) and a 2007 Tacoma access cab with manual everything. Will be getting rid of the Tacoma for the GRC.

I'm Circuit or bust. I would even do a Morizo but $50k is too much (is it wrong to hope the dealer will get one and cut me a deal?).

For me, the GRC will be a 3.5 season car. Will not drive it before/during/after snow, but will drive it year round.
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