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I already posted mine in another thread.
The sizes are almost the same as the stock. The only exception is the wheel width.

Tire: Michelin CrossClimate2, 235/40R18
Wheel: Motegi Racing MR154, 18x8 +30

I'll see how soft the sidewalls feel, for the CC2 is a GT tire, not performance. But it should be good enough for winter rides.
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The set is for winter use. OEM rear spacer. No modifications. No rubbing or no clearance issue. And...

Hub Ring:
Wheel Bore: 72.62mm (2.859")​
Vehicle Hub: 60.06mm (2.365")​
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
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I've been looking for new wheels and I've never been a fan of all black wheels. I'm not feeling the 18x9.5 +22 wheels as they have a little poke which I don't like. Plus when the car is lowered it looks like there could be issues. I can always use a spacer to get the offset I want. I'm going to dry a set of 20mm spacers on my OEM wheels as that will be only 1mm less offset than the 18x9.5 +22mm so I can see for sure. What do you all think?
1. Bremmer BR18 Black Machined w/Dark Tint 21.8 lbs 18x8 +35 and 25mm spacer
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel

2. Flow One F6 Black Machined w/Dark Tint 20.4 lbs. 18x8,5 +30mm and 10-15mm spacer. It wouldn't let me post the picture.

3. Flow One F6 Gloss Gunmetal Silver Painted 20.4 lbs. 18x8.5 +30mm offset and 10-15mm spacer.

4. Sport Tuning ST10 22.9 lbs. Machined w/ Back Accent and 25mm spacer
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Not going to lie, those wheels are not my cup of tea at all. They all look like generic tire shop specials. I definitely wouldn’t go any narrower then the factory 8.5” as well.

Personally I think it’s a bit silly to ditch the factory high quality Enkeis for anything other then a higher performance wheel. If you want to try another color maybe give PlastiDip a shot? I had a Subaru years ago that came with highlighter yellow Gram Lights that I hated so I PD’d them gunmetal gray as a temporary solution. It held up so well and looked so good I ended up keeping them on for 2 years lol.

That said, the OEM brake pads dust like performance aftermarket pads so you honestly better off staying with a darker color.
And that's fine, I posted them because I do like the design and was just curious. I have a black GRC and I've never liked black wheels. I like wheels that have some black in them but either have a machined face or a 2-tone wheel. The wheels you posted didn't do anything for me as wheels are a personal choice and we all have different taste. I'm not planning on going to a wider tire as I'm not going to track my GRC so the 235/40R18 tires will be fine for me. That's why some of them were only 8" wide as they didn't come in an 8.5" size. The Flow One wheels are very nice quality and the same size as the OEM wheels.

I was going to use the OEM wheels for winter tires. I don't think that the quality of these wheels are a lot different from the OEM Enkei wheels. I have Enkei wheels on several on my cars but I was looking for something different for my GRC. I might do the PlastiDip for the OEM wheels when I get winter tires for them.

I do understand the brake dust issue though as even the black wheels show it quickly. A silver wheel might be better and I thought that the 2 wheels that are black machined with dark tint would hide the brake dust and give some style that the oEM wheels lack.
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I was wondering how a 20mm spacer would fit, I'm not wondering any more! Looks fantastic!
If you want to run 9.5 with an offset say lower than 35et I would just run a 255/35 tire.
The speedometer is already reading 2-3 mph fast so that will also make it further off. I was thing of going to a 245/40R18 to correct it a little more, but I plan on staying with an 8.5" wide wheel. I wish that I could find an 18x8.5 +15 offset. For my taste that would be perfect.
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Got the wheels in. Time to do a test fit.
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I really like these wheels. What are they and what size?
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Hey thanks! They're Anovia Titans and are on sale for like 4 for 615 or something obscene. They're 18x9.5 +30 offset and weigh 18.7 each according to the website (I'm going to weigh them myself later.) I picked up some cheap beater tires for a track setup (Eagle F1 Supercar 3R's in 265/40ZR18). I'll get them mounted this week and on the car for some pictures. All in all I'm pretty proud because I spent less than $1100 for the tire and wheel combo.
What website did you find them at for that price?
Find which one?
The wheels for that price of $615? The size is also good with a 30 offset. I was looking around but didn't see the size you listed. I wish that they had them available in a Gunmetal Grey.
Holy cow! It looks like they removed it. They only delivered my right side so it's entirely possible they're having to forge a left pair just for me and decided that it wasn't supposed to be on there anymore. They have other offsets though. Maybe you can email them. Here's the website I ordered from:

Thanks. I wish I could find a wheel I liked that was 18x8.5 +15mm offset as that would fit great. I don't want to go to a 9.5" wide wheel and 265 tires.
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Why such tall tires? A 265/40R18 is a lot bigger then the stock 235/40R18. I do like the wheels a lot.
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I wouldn't say it's "a lot bigger". It's half an inch.

Ultimately, I got the whole setup for 1100. I was able to find a local shop selling the tires for 113 a pop vs the 350 or whatever the 30 or 35 aspect version of the same tires cost. I also like the meaty look anyways so benefits all around.
I looked it up and it was just shy of 1" larger diameter. The stock 235/40R18 is 25.4" diameter and the 265/40R18 is 26.3" in diameter. I've seen every going to 265/35R18 since it's the same diameter. I thought you had a typo but that tire looks chunky. 🤣
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