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I already posted mine in another thread.
The sizes are almost the same as the stock. The only exception is the wheel width.

Tire: Michelin CrossClimate2, 235/40R18
Wheel: Motegi Racing MR154, 18x8 +30

I'll see how soft the sidewalls feel, for the CC2 is a GT tire, not performance. But it should be good enough for winter rides.
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The set is for winter use. OEM rear spacer. No modifications. No rubbing or no clearance issue. And...

Hub Ring:
Wheel Bore: 72.62mm (2.859")​
Vehicle Hub: 60.06mm (2.365")​
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
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Hello everyone, not a GRC owner (yet) but I work at a dealership here in Canada in the parts department, had the opportunity to put a new set of wheels and tires on our showroom GRC and figured I would share the setup we are using.

I went with the Enkei RS05-RR in a 18x9.5 +22 offset, tires mounted are a 265/35R18 Toyo R888R square.
View attachment 7694

Rear still has the factory spacer so the rear has a bit more poke than the front but I personally do not mind it, could remove for a more flush look.
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Hoping to get my hands on one in the future however I already have a couple ole Nissans so budget is not looking super great haha, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them.

Thank you!
can you show pics of the clearance in the inner wheel well? how close it to rubbing on any suspension?
RE; 245/40/18 18x10 +22.
Could someone tell me why someone would buy wide rims to fit OE size tires?
many wheels have a much more aggressive and signifcantly better looking concave when you go over a certain width. slimmer tires help fit them. the wider track alone is giving you MUCH more mechanic grip, regardless of whatever tire you put on there

it also just looks insanely better when the tires/rims are poking out of the fender just a bit. the view looking at the car from the front is night and day
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