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GRC Forum ideas

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We know updates are needed to the site, so are there any sub forums you want to see? Shoot us some ideas

Appreciate it guys.
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Agreed! A “garage” section with locked threads that have nothing but facts, e.g. specs about oil and no arguments about oil viscosity. Also create a space for diy/“how to” instructions for common mods or maintenance items without getting cluttered.
In the same vein, a Newby/FAQ section for all those questions that will pop up that get asked 1000 times.

also maybe a few more specific technical forums. Might not be necessary just yet but something to consider in the future. I am partial to NASIOC having been on there for a long time. Good ones to add for us might be Engine Management/Tuning, Electrical/Lighting, service/maintenance. this is their technical section:
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Doing a great job so far though. thanks for all your efforts!
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