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Hey all,

Long time rally fanboy, first time Toyota owner, LONG time Subaru guy. My GR corolla has landed today on my dealers lot and I'm headed to pick it up tomorrow. very excited to see it in person! This will be a daily for me, to keep the miles off my 06 STi that I adore.
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Let us know your thoughts when you get it!!!!!
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Figured a megathread is in order for all the delivery posts coming up. Congratulations to all the lucky new owners! I'll be joining you one of these days!

Share your pics and thoughts
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I think they're talking about the "GR FOUR" logo printed on the intercooler as seen in some photos, not that it doesn't have an intercooler at all.. I think the Core doesn't come with the logo. Easy fix if you really want it though.
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Side note, isn't this literally a picture of a core with the logo
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Mine is solid unfortunately.
What are your thoughts on the driving experience? Also thank you for being so generous to provide information!
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First off: did anyone’s GRC come with floor mats? Mine did not…

Hey guys! Yesterday was an absolute dream come true. After being let down by the dealer I was in contact with since last January for the car (sold to an employee without at least letting me know), I was contacted by another MSRP dealer I had just popped into and expressed my interest. They let me know it was a long shot, and that the fully loaded Core model coming in was already claimed by an employee. Respect that they told me up front rather than get my hopes up. So I get a call at work telling me to come to the dealer before they open to lock in the car.

Was thankfully the first one there and finally got my hands on one. Exact spec I wanted, Core with all 3 optional packages. Paid MSRP + $6000 in accessories, paint protection, tint, warranty. I plan on paying this off early but if I don’t it will round up close to a $50k car. Just so you guys know what to expect when going the MSRP route. Worth every penny, this car feels like it is worth it from all the touch points, driving feel and R&D that went into this incredible drivetrain.

Driving impressions, wow. This thing is amazing. A true engineering achievement by Toyota. The hype is real. I’ve owned both WRX and STI, and they feel archaic compared to this. The throttle response, turn in feel, shifter feel and AWD system all feel ahead of their time. I honestly didn’t realize how much cool tech came with this car, and it truly feels a world
of difference from my past car that was a 2018.

Any complaints? None. For $46k there’s nothing I would want more. I see this as being my last ICE vehicle and owning this forever. Still trying to figure out the digital dash, and also try to get over 17mpg…. Lol.
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Congratulations! For a brief second I thought the transit wheel protection were turbo fans and it’s giving me ideas
Can you provide a link?
edit: Nevermind, I found it. Thanks for the video.
What is the video called/channel name?
A buddy and I drove up from Cincinnati to Akron yesterday in a rental Corolla sedan, then picked up my GR at 9:00 this morning, drove it home entirely on back roads- zero freeway time. Cold but sunny day, just takin' it easy and breaking the car in very slowly. Love the car.
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Like a little kid on Christmas. Not one women has ever made me feel the feelings I have felt today. God bless
What is a woman
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Years of untreated FOMO have reduced us all to rabid degenerates. Every day, we stray further from Morizo's light.
Do you think Morizo stays in Japan because he too lives in fear of what he has created?
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