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GR Corolla in/near Houston, TX???

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Take this with multiple grains of salt, because I do not know what this means. It could just be a landing page for people to call in about the GR Corolla, but Fred Haas Toyota Country put this webpage up talking about the "first-ever GR Corolla" in Houston, TX.

What does that mean... I don't know.

I bought my 2022 Sienna from Fred Haas Country and just so happened to be on their website about a service appointment when I stumbled upon the page. I did fire off an email to the sales manager I have been emailing monthly about the GR, to see if this meant anything.

For any of my fellow Houstonians... maybe this means we could soon physically see the car?


First-Ever 2023 Toyota GR Corolla in Houston, TX | Fred Haas Toyota Country
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maybe they'll have a final revision of the wing
Just a sales pitch, no way they have been specially “chosen” to get the first one.
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Just a sales pitch, no way they have been specially “chosen” to get the first one.
It's definitely a sales pitch in some way, but this isn't far-fetched that this dealership could be one of the first in Texas. The volume they sell with the locations they have just in Houston is more than enough to be chosen.

For reference, all the special Edition Supras they received multiple allocations for, GR86 they had the first of many to hit the city, Tundra TRD Pro... they have them. The Toyota BZ4 electric.. same story. Toyota Sienna (incredibly hard to find).. same story.

But, one thing this does show is we are closer to full information being revealed.
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Couldn’t This be the car that showed up in Dallas?
GR Corolla and GR Yaris on Display in Dallas 06/18
That's what I would imagine. Though I got s response from the sales Manager that this is nothing but marketing. I will call in and ask someone new, to see if the information changes at all.

It would be nice to t some in-person views and sit down in the car.
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Just marketing. I was the first to contact them about the GR Corolla in April. They haven't said a peep to me since.
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