I'm located in the DMV area, but am willing to meet someone within a reasonable distance (50-75 miles?)

Selling front grill, front tow hook cover, brake ducts R/L, rear valance, and rear tow hook cover from my GR Corolla Core. These are matte trim. The front grill unfortunately has drill holes from dealer front plate, but is in almost new condition. Every other part is in immaculate condition. I removed these parts from the car with 1700 miles.

Part numbers:
Front Grill (5310212170), Front Tow Hook Cover (5312812150) - $150
Rear Valance (5216912250), Rear Tow Hook Cover (5216212080) - $150
Right Brake Duct (5212712450) - $20
Left Brake Duct (5212812350) - $20

Grill + Tow Hook Front: