Mileage:1312 M
In February, I bought what was supposedly first GRC Core to land in Boston region, fully loaded with technology, cold weather, and performance packages. I will be offering it for sale for delivery to the buyer on or around 30th April, but not before because of travel. It is in like new condition with 1,312 miles. I drove it through the winter and it was fabulous. I am selling only because I have bought a white GRC.

Photos and history of care:
I include photos from delivery day and the reality that it saw New England winter and the condition is great. I return home from travel next week 28th March, and can take more photos if you would like me to. You may not believe me, but I have washed the car only once with a half dozen microfiber towels and very carefully using the two bucket method. It was rinsed every other day with my pressure washer to keep the salt off and to prevent any swirling. Before it was delivered, I watched the dealer rinse off the car but did not "wash". You can be confident that the paint is in excellent shape.

Purchase and sales terms:
  • First, the listing price is firm and I am unfortunately not accepting offers above or below the asking price. I will also not entertain bidding wars between interested parties above the listing price.
  • Buyer, in-person delivery is required. You are welcome to ship it on, but the buyer (not a third party, e.g., your friend, mom, dad...etc) will need to meet in person to sign paperwork and take delivery.
  • Pre-purchase inspections are encouraged for your peace of mind but are not required. I am willing to drive to car to any shop within 15 miles of 03768.
  • If you would like to have the vehicle pre-purchase inspected and/or to hold the vehicle, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required. I will refund the deposit only if the pre-purchase reveals any issue you find to be unacceptable.
  • If you are coming from out of town, you can fly into Manchester Boston Airport (MHT), rent a one-way car and drop it off in Lebanon, NH, and drive the GRC home with you. I'm happy to help you with these logistics.
  • The vehicle has a lien with USAA, which be lifted and the title issued to me, and then signed over to you, after the sale proceeds lift the lien. This process takes 2-3 weeks after you take delivery of the vehicle. Please note that the buyer will not receive the title immediately, as the bank (USAA) must send me the title after the loan is paid off, after which I will FedEx Overnight you the title. The title is a New Hampshire title.
  • Certified bank check, cash, or wire are acceptable forms of payment, but personal check or money orders are not. You will get a bill of sale with the sale.
  • You can purchase a temporary plate from the NH Division of Motor Vehicles for $10. More info here: Temporary Plates
  • Test drives are permitted for serious parties only.
If you are interested, please contact me via private message here. Please, if you can, be kind and considerate when you comment on this thread. Thank you.