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GR Corolla autocross general discussion

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Thread for people to share their experiences related to GRC autocrossing.
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For now, only a test and tune fully stock. Felt very nice. Closer in times then I tought I would be. DS FRS on CSR 2023 did a 22.1 and I was at 22.6. Have not gotten tires yet but did get the crash bolts and got it aligned so will see how it does next time. Probably going to wait till next year for tires.
Which crash bolts did you use?

I used the Toyota recommended ones and installed on the top of the knuckle. I got about -2.5.

You could replace both bolts and achieve more than -3, but you may get a bit too close to the shock and probably too much camber for street use.
I went to the Toyota parts counter, asked for crash bolts and to get the most negative camber you can get with it hehehe. Also got a very slight toe-out on the front. Asked for the rear but I guess you can't adjust it.
you can only adjust toe in the rear.

i went with 90105-17015 on the bottom knuckle hole and factory bolt on the top per procedure manual. option C. this yielded about -2.5.

yes, the toe will need to be fixed after bolt installation.


Used the GRC as a last minute replacement for our dedicated autocross car this past weekend. Discovered that driving in shorts the door handle will cause a very nice case of Neon Knee if you are up on the wheel. Friction burns. Fixed it with a shop towel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts