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General BS Thread

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I’ve (and @DocRoc24 too) have been thinking this site needed a thread like this for some time, since we get off in the weeds so often in other threads and mods have to step in and redirect.

On the truck sites I moderate we have BS threadsimilar to this and they are wildly popular.

So don’t hold back, post here about any little thing (CoC approved of course) that’s on your mind. Start discussions about things GRC or non-GRC related, just say hi, and etc!
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I have not been in the loop, has there been a comparison test between GRC and Focus RS?

I am anticipating that I won’t be able to test drive the Corolla before the dealer receives the check. How do I know if it’s better than my RS that I’ve enjoyed for 5 years?
Why would they do a comparison with a car that isn't made anymore, and won't be made anymore in a newer form?

And of course it's going to be better than the RS. It's a Ford.
Because it’s the last hot hatch made with the same general recipe, and there are a lot of us with RS considering the Corolla. Ford builds excellent cars and the RS is one of them.
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