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Finally saw a C8Z in the wild

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In the off topic lounge lol but finally got to see a C8Z in person. Almost didn’t realize it was a Z and then pulled over to wait for him to come by so I could snap a quick photo. Definitely look much better in person than press photos. I live in Bowling Green where they’re built but this is the first Z I’ve seen.


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I love these cars. If they came in a manual, I'd be pining hard for one. First time I saw a C8, it was wrapped in bright blue and I thought it was a Lambo right up until I saw "Corvette" written along the back.
One of our detailers owned one. He loved the thing but only complaint was the lack of a manual. If our work didn't giving him more than he owed for it to trade-in, he would've kept it. Good for him though because he now owns one of his dream cars which is an M3
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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