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To preface, this is a brake function discussion. Not another AWD discussion!

I've read the entirety of the "GR-FOUR AWD System Discussion" as well as the entirety of the GR Yaris AWD discussion linked on post 44 within.

In that Yaris discussion there was an article shared which mentioned something that's not entirely clear whether they were referring to the power application, or brake intervention

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That being said, I'm looking for information on the brake vectoring of this vehicle. More specifically brake vectoring during acceleration.

What I'm trying to find out is if the Core model without the torsen diffs will have the "E-lsd" or brake-activated traction assistance.

Basically, I'll probably never track the car. I need the AWD because where I live the roads are always wet, then of course there's 5 months of winter. Acceleration into traffic is annoying most days. So if this system is in place, for my personal use, there's no reason for me to have torsen diffs.

If anyone has caught an explanation elsewhere or in one of these videos and can share, I'd appreciate it!
If you aren’t going to track it and it’s strictly a daily type thing, then getting the car without LSDs will save you cash.
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