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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

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Has anyone found any good deals for Prime Day? So far I'm not seeing a whole lot compared to previous years.

Only decent things I've seen so far are:

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shades that are going for $13.48 (originally $29.99)

Up to 25% off NOCO battery chargers and accessories

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Some serious Jackery discounts for my camping folks in here:

Amazon Deal: Jackery Outdoor Generators and Solar Panels
I was looking really hard at those, but since they are lithium they would not serve me well since you cannot charge them below freezing temps. I did buy a solar setup though to charge up my secondary AGM battery while camping.
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A dual battery system is what I’m holding out for in the truck, rather than a jackery or similar portable battery. Just need to decide on which dual battery setup to with and pull that trigger 💸
Not sure if they have a setup for the tundra but I am using the shrockworks stainless tray in my 2018 4runner with custom wiring and dual group 34 Odyssey AGM's
I just looked and don’t see one for for the tundra. I really like the SDHQ kit but good grief they’re proud of that thing at over $1k.
If it comes with the tray and relays and cabling thats a little expensive but probably not that far off. I think just for parts (even doing all cabling etc myself) I was in it $700 before the battery.
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