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Just adding some content to the new section.. plus pics are fun and all that. Just a repost pretty much from FT86Club so ignore any potential mention tags or anything I miss… picked this car/build because it’s at least Toyota specific.. ish…


It's a Firestorm 2013 FR-S with just under 28,000 miles on the chassis. It appears that it went in for the valve spring recall and the Toyota techs screwed up the job and the engine died less than 200 miles after their repair. It was likely then totalled out by their shop insurance and then some hail decided to bang into it while it was likely already at the Copart lot waiting to be sold.

The car was slightly hit before on the left front fender which was replaced with a shitty aftermarket fender and the body shop used the wrong clips which made it a joy to get the bumper back off (why Opie (GRC edit: local buddy I rebuild these with) and I can do a better job fixing these than professional body shops is anyone's guess....).

Anyways, here's a few pics of the car from the auction. It was at the Lincoln, NE Copart facility:

I was out of town when it arrived but thankfully Opie was in town to receive it and he noted a couple minor annoyances right away (like someone cutting the fuel pump wiring.. wtf).

Additionally the Toyota techs that caused this cars destruction also were lazy jackknobs and didn't bother putting most of the spare parts, DI injectors, bolts, nuts, etc in the car/trunk. Probably kept them as spares. That will suck later in probably a couple hundred bucks of random stupid parts purchases.

Opie (and other buddy - the one we built the DGM track car for) left the car at my house so this was basically what I was greeted with upon returning home:

About a week after getting the car I went over to Orlando and picked up a replacement engine. This one was a 2015 engine out of a wrecked FR-S. It's also from an automatic so some swapping of parts has to be done.

And the engine dropped off at the shop...

That's it for part 1..

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For part 2 of the rebuild, go to this post in the Opie and Dave-ROR rebuilds thread: Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB - View Single Post - Opie & Dave-RoR's Rebuilds

Now for Part 3... sorry for the general lack of pics we had limited time so we focused on working on the car and drinking some adult cold snacks..

Towed it over to the shop this morning:

And once there we proceeding to bolt up the new flywheel.. and the clutch/pp but no pic of that...

From there we installed the engine (and took it out after halfway installing it to replace the throwout bearing we initially forgot), bolted up the trans, found more missing bits, etc... eventually I installed the new Koyo radiator and the Jackson Racing oil cooler:

From there I got the AC delete installed and the intake system with the new Perrin intake tube so I could rip out what remained of the sound tube crap:

Tomorrow will probably be part 4.. hopefully I'll take more pics. Goal for tomorrow is to install the extended studs, finish up some wiring (lots of grounds...), maybe get the fuel lines sorted (Opie forgot his fuel line tools but not sure if he's planning on working on it tomorrow), connect the header up since Opie did source me some exhaust gaskets.. still tempted to just buy a header from CSG Mike though.. although with some other bits to more securely mount the driveline, maybe install the IRP shifter (or not). Or maybe just drink and cut the grass at the house. Who knows.

Eventually I'll be moving the Eibach R2s over from the BRZ to the FRS, the JRitt sourced Essex AP Racing Sprint brake kit, the adjustable rear LCAs, etc... then I should sell the silver BRZ since it won't really serve a purpose anymore at that point.

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Part 4:
Finished installing the ARP wheel studs. Way back in 2012 or 2013 I did a DIY on installing the wheel studs with a press. This time I took pics of the other way of doing so (hammer and lug stud installer). Pics below. One big difference between my 2013 BRZ and this car.. lots of corrosion. Ugh.

Will came over and finished up the fuel lines and some ground wire installs etc.

We both noticed another annoying thing.. the shop I got the motor from (assumption that it was them) drilled a hole in the oil pan I suppose to drain fluids and then shoved a rubber grommet in the hole... so instead of bolting up the header we dropped the header so we could drop the pan and swap it with the pan that came with the car. Upon removing that pan it became obvious that the toyota techs in Nebraska badly damaged that pain removing it previously. So a new OEM pan is on the way. YAY!

That is accelerating the exhaust upgrades though since we already dropped the OEM header.

Otherwise I believe that all electrical is now connected so once a new pan is on it, and an exhaust of some sort, we'll see if it runs or if the new motor has issues also (or the car has other issues).

Some pics..

Left a mess in the shop the night before.. and the past months before that. Yeah need to clean it up soon.

FR wheel, caliper and rotor removed.. and hammering out the OEM studs

Cleaning the hub surface before installing the new studs

One important step.. when cleaning the hub make sure you protect your adult beverage. The contamination of rust and metal is even worse than this terrible french excuse for beer. And dust shields removed.. because real brakes coming soon.

Here's the lug stud installation tool I used, Lisle part number 22800

Install the studs loosely into the holes and then I used the rotor to protect the face of the hub. I used a lugnut to hold the rotor on tightly against the hub (you can use a loose stud for that, just tighten until it's hand tight/snug), then used the tool and another cheap lugnut for the actual install.

One done...

And hours later.. all are done. That drivers rear was a real PITA. Took the air hammer to get the stupid hub/bearing out after disassembling the drum. Will put the drum brake back together as I don't have patience for that crap (and the drums really ARE the worst brake design ever!)

Will be out of town next weekend so next update might not be for a bit unless Will gets bored and goes to the shop to work on it.

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Hey I uploaded pics finally.. MAYBE I'll download video and datalogger data some month too.

Random pics from the Watkins paddock/garage:

The one pic of it on the track...

And what we spent most of the 11 days doing...

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Took the car to Sebring this last weekend.. some pics/videos (yeah I actually uploaded videos! ha)

All loaded up in the trailer.. was 80-90% chance of rain so I borrowed street tires from a buddy (owner of the DGM BRZ track car we built with Racecomp Engineering T2 coilovers and JRitt Essex front BBK) to ensure that the rain would stay away... it worked!

Showing off the newly installed FT86Club and Shiba Racing stickers from ichitaka05

And I installed new Goodyear (thanks for the suggestion Trump!) Supercar 3R tires on the new APEX Race Parts forged EC-7R wheels (which are quite nice btw):

Anyways.. onto the more fun stuff.. the car is definitely a bit loose right now at Sebring, a trait it did not have elsewhere.. and that's because the rear suspension is bottoming out on that wonderfully "smooth" Sebring surface. I either need to heavily ramp up rates, increase ride height, or swap coilovers. Or drive slower I guess.

My fastest lap of the day:

And video from that entire session:

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Found a couple pics on my phone... nothing exciting just trackspec install and fixing the EDFC wiring after the alignment shop screwed it up by not disconnecting it before adjusting the dampers (right height). I did inform them of the wiring and need to disconnect and cut the zip ties securing the wiring.. sigh.

Also stopped by the trailer to grab the ruckus battery to charge it up and took another pic of the car to prove it hasn't been stolen out of the trailer yet! Plus a random beer pic from the track.


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Ok so some updates on this shitbox..

First.. the throwout bearing now makes noise. It didn't when parked a few months back. It does now. Awesome.

Also, the trailer is either leaking or the wood floor is soaking up water so I need to remove all the cabinets and refloor the front. That is going to suck ass but will be a good winter project because there's no way in hell I'm doing it until Jan or so when it's a nice cool 70-75 degrees out.

Anyways picked up a 9 Lives Racing wing awhile ago (69" body width, mega end plates) but didn't want to tune the car around it without front aero. I was waiting for their sturdy bois splitter but got bored so I ordered the Verus splitter, canards and splitter end plates. Went to install everything today to find out that I was missing quite a bit of hardware items for the splitter (like 7 bolts and 9 nuts) so I did install the canards (no pic) and the wang.

The wang presented some complications in that we had a perfectly good red wingless trunk lid to use instead of my trunklid with whatever scion accessory spoiler it had on it.. but.. well changing the lock cylinder is a little annoying, then I have two bottle openers riveted to the license plate area, plus some stickers including the uber limited Shiba Racing sticker from [MENTION=147]ichitaka05 - that sealed the deal so we installed it on my original trunk lid.. and let me just say.. I think we integrated it quite nicely lol (it was ugly without integration due to holes and crap).

Burnouts on the trunk!

1 piece rear spoiler converted into a 3 piece.. "precision" cut.. aka "gudznuf"

And a pic in the style of the classic **** pic to make it look bigger than it is..

Going out of town for a bit but sent Verus an email about the hardware.. hopefully it'll be here when I get back so I can finish the front aero.

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it's been awhile..

lightweight battery was installed with the most overkill mount...

Some pics with the front aero:

The ACT clutch and/or throwout bearing completely failed back in November. I haven't touched the car since due to other cars/priorities. I'll fix it over the summer so that it's ready for the winter track season down here in the south. Until then I'm tracking the champcar instead.

Oh also here’s it’s fastest laptop at Sebring with the Tein SRC coilovers:

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General build info

Stuff that's done:
ACT prolite flywheel, street PP/disc (for now - since it's all broken obvious this is going to be changed)
Cusco trans mount insert
Cusco engine mounts

Uhh intake tube and removal of sound tube junk, at least 75hp. At least.
K&N filter - for all the HPs
ACE A300 header/overpipe
ACE front pipe
Invidia Ti exhaust
CSG tune

Koyo radiator
Jackson Racing oil cooler

Tein SRC (CSG Spec)
Tein EDFC Active Pro
SPL rear control arms

Essex Comp Sprint front BBK (Normally DS1.11 pads F&R)
SS lines

Custom cage
OMP HTE-R 400 seats (both sides)

Trac-Box (GRC edit: this allows you to put traction control/ABS into Toyota's test mode at the flip of a switch, plus disable TPMS lights and some other features)
Coolsuit in trunk

1.5 sets of Enkei RPF1 17x9 +35
APEX EC-7R 17x9 +35
APEX ARC-8 17x9 +42
Generally running Goodyear Supercar 3R in 245/45/17

Stuff that's planned:
4.3 diff swap
Diff subframe/mount/etc. (doing that with the diff swap, just swapping in a spare subframe)
Fix the damn clutch issue once and for all

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Oops.. missed some cage pics I guess

Opie beat me to posting pics, but here's a couple more..

Dash cut to fit the cage, the lower panels are cut as well and will likely be installed.

Some other cage pics of it painted. Didn't go with nascar door parts/etc because I wanted to keep windows in the car for transport/storage. I kinda regret that decision of course as X bars suck in comparison but oh well.


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This cars history is proof that these cars are the next Silvia. So many people doing half-ass work and breaking them, then selling them off. I've worked on a fair few 86s that gave me serious pause.

It looks awesome Dave! It'll absolutely rip with the 4.3. Sargy from FT86Club had a supercharged built engine with a 4.8 and that thing was an absolute rocket.
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